If you are like me, as you’ve gotten older there’s a lot of pressure to be able to not only get it up but to keep it up. I used to get so embarrassed when I would be with a woman and I couldn’t perform. I’d get anxiety, lose my confidence and by the time that took over I had no chance to get an erection. The opportunity to show my affection and love through physical contact was lost. My partner was supportive but I could tell it was having a negative impact on our relationship.

I tried all sorts of pills. Blue ones, orange ones, one’s used by so-called “adult stars” and after a few tries they all eventually stopped working. That’s when my friend, who’s a prominent doctor in Beverly Hills, asked if I’d ever tried a product called Vigorus. That one meeting would forever change my life!

As a doctor, my friend had many patients that were going through my same exact situation. He researched a lot of these so-called “natural” supplements and what he discovered blew his mind.

He discovered that over 90% of pills on the market lacked the key ingredients in the proper dosages to be effective for an extended period of time. These companies would essentially take the money and run. The end result was a low quality male enhancement supplement that was heavy on promises and failed to deliver results. Here is what else he discovered:

  • Many supplements contain ingredients that have zero effect on male enhancement.
  • Many supplements contain ingredients that are masked in a proprietary blend. Further analysis showed that they actually contained such minuscule amounts that they are essentially useless.
  • Other companies exaggerate the amount of active ingredients shown on the label.
  • Some companies use illegal pharmaceutical drugs, unknown to the user.
  • Most supplements FAIL to employ a testing lab to verify the quality and safety of their products. In the end, nobody really ends up knowing what’s really in that capsule you are taking.

After researching, my doctor decided there was a need for a premium product that would use only the highest standards of quality at every level. He knew that it would cost more, but he wasn’t in it for the money. He was in it to provide his patients with a product that worked. Soon after he found one of the best labs that used only the safest manufacturing processes. Twelve months later he had Vigorus.

My doctor handed me a bottle of Vigorus. I was desperate and I needed something to work! What I experienced was nothing short of a miracle. After taking Vigorus for only 30 Days I noticed:

  • Increase in Erection Size
  • Increase in Erection Hardness Score
  • Increase Sexual Desire
  • Increase in Free Testosterone Score
  • Longer Lasting Erections
  • More Forceful Orgasms
  • Greater Semen Production
  • Accelerated Frequency of Intercourse

Vigorus is the most effective and highest-quality male enhancement supplement on the market. It uses only the highest quality ingredients that have passed through rigorous quality tests. It is our #1 Priority to Help You Maximize Your Libido and Give You Fuller, Hard Erections, No Matter How Old You Are.

The graph below shows the average increase in our customers’ erect penis size over a 6 month period of taking Vigorus™ every day.

does size matter? you bet...

Average Growth In Inches

The VigorMaxx Enhancement Matrix will help increase the average size in our customers’ erect penis size over a 6 month period of taking Vigorus everyday

Have better control over your erections, inlcuding stamina and frequency. Average growth in 4 months = 1.1in

Vigorus gives your body all the nutrients you need to have bigger, more intense erections and orgasms.. Average growth in 6 months = 2.6in

Not only will it increase your size, it will also increase your sexual desire. Average growth in 3 months = 0.8in.

Your orgasms will be much more intense. Stick with it to believe it. Average growth in 5 months = 1.6 inches.